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Why New Business Owners Should Make Commercial Insurance a Priority

If you’re setting up a new business, you’ll have a lot on your plate. Entrepreneurs are busy, from developing products and services to managing marketing campaigns. That said, it’s important to make sure all your bases are covered, and among other things, that means making sure that the right commercial insurance policies protect you and your business. If you need assistance and want to speak to insurance agents serving Hailey, ID, contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD.

Why Commercial Insurance is Necessary

Entrepreneurs face many risks. This is especially true for first-time entrepreneurs, many of whom are new to the market and the responsibilities of being a business owner. While many successful business owners find their success by focusing on the upside and opportunities, it’s also important to identify and mitigate risks.

What happens if a natural disaster, like a severe storm, destroys your place of business and equipment? Who will cover the bills if there’s a break-in or fire? What if a customer or employee suffers a slip and fall on your property, and you end up in a civil case? Business owners may have to face these risks and more day in and day out.

Regarding commercial insurance, you can find policies that cover many different events, including the ones mentioned above. Of course, what is covered by an individual insurance plan can vary from policy to policy, so it’s crucial to read the fine print and understand what is and what is not covered.

Either way, new business owners need to consider commercial insurance options when setting up their businesses. If you’re looking for an insurance agent serving Hailey, ID, contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD.

Coverage For Your Outdoor Residential Possessions

Your home insurance policy should provide sufficient coverage for the items you store outdoors. Conduct an assessment of your property. Then, contact one of our agents who serve Hailey, ID. A Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD agent will update your home insurance policy.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you have an outdoor kitchen or area where you grill food, consider the value of the items you use to prepare meals. High-ticket items, including stoves and grills, should be covered by insurance.

Water Features

If you own a pool, fountain, or another valuable water feature, consider the benefits of adding it to your insurance policy. If an insured water feature is damaged in the future, your insurance policy will satisfy the cost of repairing it.

Recreational Equipment

Recreational equipment, including boats and all-terrain vehicles, should be covered by insurance. If you do not have a separate policy covering the recreational items you own, now is the time to add these items to your existing insurance policy.

Write down the make and model of each recreational item. This information will need to be submitted when you add your recreational possessions to your policy.


If you garden or repair items on your property, you likely own some machinery that costs a considerable amount of money. The machinery that you store outdoors should be added to your policy.


Consider the value of the tools that you own and store outdoors. Prepare a list of tools you would like your insurance policy to cover.

Contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD

Our Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD agents help homeowners like you. Contact an agent who serves Hailey, ID at your earliest convenience.

Safeguarding Your Home During the Holidays

Protecting the place we call home is something every homeowner thinks about, but it isn’t something any of us want to worry about. That is also why Hailey, ID homeowners turn to the trusted professionals at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD for all their home insurance needs.

Protection During the Holidays, Vacations, and All Year Round 

It is no secret that homes become more popular targets during different times of the year. The holiday season is a prime example, as people buy with joy and often stuff gifts and new items in closets, under beds, and other easily accessible places for would-be criminals.

The holiday season, however, is just one of many times during the year when homes can become a bigger bullseye. The good news is aside from the discomfort and violation that victims feel, there is help to recover the financial value of what was taken. Protecting our homes can be a big job, from thieves to fires, flooding, and more, but with help from agents like Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, it isn’t one we have to tackle alone. 

Contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD for All Your Home Insurance Needs

Home insurance is like that extra line of defense: there to help replace, restore, and repair what was stolen, broken, or lost. To ensure you have the protection your home needs and deserves, contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment today, and let the Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD team help protect you and your home. From the holidays to summer vacation and all year round, home insurance is the peace of mind homeowners deserve.

Four reasons why it’s so important to carry classic car insurance

Classic car owners in Hailey, ID should understand how important it is to carry classic car insurance. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, we offer insurance policies uniquely tailored to classic car owners’ needs.

The following are four reasons why carrying classic car insurance is so important. 

You can avoid losses due to vehicle depreciation with classic car insurance.

With a standard auto insurance policy, you’ll typically only be compensated for the market value of your vehicle in the event of a total loss. 

A classic car insurance policy can offer you an agreed value so that you won’t get less for your vehicle in a total loss due to depreciation in your vehicle’s value. 

You can take better care of your antique vehicle with classic car insurance.

When you carry classic car insurance, getting the funds you need to get specialty repairs done can be easier when you need to file a claim. This can mean that classic car insurance makes it easier to take good care of your classic car and get the service and quality parts your vehicle needs. 

A classic car insurance provider could assist you with getting a vehicle appraisal.

You need to know what your classic car is worth. When you have classic car insurance, your insurance provider can help you get an accurate appraisal of your vehicle so that you know exactly what its value is. 

Classic car insurance allows you to save money due to low annual vehicle mileage.

A lot of classic car owners only take their classic cars out once in a while. This means they don’t put a lot of miles on their classic cars every year. 

Classic car insurance policies can be specifically designed for minimal mileage and usage to save policyholders money. 

Insure your classic car with us at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD. Call us today for a quote on a classic car insurance policy in Hailey, ID. 

How would a full recreational insurance plan protect me and my asset?

Owning a recreational asset or toy has continued to be a good idea for those in the Hailey, ID area. When you own one of these assets, you can enjoy all the great outdoor parks, trails, and other recreational areas. While you will consider this a recreational toy, it is still a vital asset that needs to be protected with insurance. A recreational insurance plan does offer various forms of support that can help to protect both you and the asset appropriately. 

Replace or Repair Recreational Asset

The first reason why people will want to get a recreational insurance plan is so they can get protection for their recreational assets. If you buy a recreational toy, you will want to enjoy it as long as you can. Unfortunately, there will always be a risk of being damaged in an accident or stolen. If you carry a recreational insurance plan, you will get coverage in these situations. 

Offset Liability Risk

Whenever you use a recreational asset, there is a chance you will cause an accident. If you have a full recreational insurance plan in place, you will get the support you need to cover any damage that occurs from an accident. This can help to save you a lot of money and stress that would otherwise occur. 

Recreational insurance is a form of coverage that all people in the Hailey, ID area need to consider getting. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage, you should call our team with Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, we know how important this type of coverage is, and we can help you create a plan that will adequately support you and your recreational assets. 

Will renters insurance pay for the replacement of my roommates’ laptop?

As a renter, you can invest in insurance to protect your personal belongings, just like homeowners can. Renters insurance provides both liability protection and protection for your personal belongings. Our team at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD is committed to helping Hailey, ID renters get the coverage they need. Renters insurance is a wise investment for renters who want to protect their personal belongings from unknown events and circumstances. 

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is designed to protect personal property. This insurance can protect your insurance for a rented space or dwelling. This includes coverage for a rented condo, apartment, or house. Renters’ insurance provides protection from fires, vandalism, theft, sewer backups, and more. Renters insurance provides a variety of different types of coverage. Liability protection is also a part of renters insurance. You’re protected if someone is hurt or injured while visiting your rented space. Your renters’ insurance will pay for their medical bills and care. It can also compensate someone whose personal items are damaged on your rented property.

Will renters insurance pay for the replacement of my roommate’s laptop?

Unfortunately, even though renters’ insurance provides various forms of protection for the renter, it will not cover a renter’s associates or roommates. A roommate would have to be on the policy or invest in their own policy. Your roommate can acquire renters insurance to cover their own items if they want the exact coverage you have. Renters insurance is a practical investment for anyone who isn’t a homeowner but is renting a space. Renters insurance is the equivalent of homeowners insurance for renters. Call us if you have questions about renters insurance and how it works. We’d be happy to help you explore your options and answer any questions you may have. 

Why It’s So Important to Have Flood Insurance

If you don’t have flood insurance, you risk having flood damage to your home, which is extremely expensive. Floods are one of the most damaging natural disasters and may even destroy the entire house. If you’re a homeowner, it’s essential that you have a flood insurance policy to protect yourself and your family. When you need flood insurance, we’re here to help. Call us at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID to find out more and get started with a policy. 

Flood Risks

There are a lot of people who don’t get flood insurance because they believe they’re not at risk. Certain areas are designated as flood zones. Most of these are near bodies of water that run the risk of flooding. These flood areas are usually given a rating of how many years are generally between floods in the area. People living outside those zones may believe they face no flood risk. However, that isn’t the case. Among the many claims each year for flood damage, about 20% come from outside any flood zone. This leaves just about anyone at risk for flooding. 

The National Flood Insurance Program 

Flood insurance is run by the National Flood Insurance Program. This federal program also backs the insurance and ensures it’s available in the event of flooding. With flood insurance, you don’t have to worry about the insurance company going out of business. You get federally backed insurance that is fully funded. Knowing that the finds will be there if you need them can give you peace of mind. 

Get Flood Insurance

If you don’t have flood insurance, now is the time. Call us at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID. 

Umbrella Insurance for Specific Assets

Umbrella insurance is a crucial supplement to primary insurance policies, providing supplemental coverage for specific assets that may not be protected. By understanding the role of umbrella insurance, individuals can ensure complete protection for their valuable assets in and around the Hailey, ID area.

Protecting Your Property

High-value properties often require specialized insurance coverage due to their unique characteristics and increased risks. While primary homeowners insurance policies provide basic coverage, they may have limitations on coverage amounts. 

Umbrella insurance can bridge the gap by offering higher liability limits, protecting against significant claims or lawsuits resulting from accidents or injuries on the property. 

Additionally, umbrella insurance can provide coverage for property damage or personal injury liabilities that exceed the limits of primary policies, offering peace of mind to owners.

Coverage for Rental Ventures

Owning rental properties involves potential liability exposures that standard homeowners insurance policies may not adequately cover. 

Umbrella insurance extends coverage beyond the limits of primary policies, protecting landlords against claims arising from tenant injuries, property damage, or legal disputes. 

This additional layer of coverage is essential for rental property owners, providing financial security and protecting against potential lawsuits that could jeopardize their investments.

Enhanced Protection for Adventurous Pursuits

Recreational vehicles like motorhomes, campers, or boats have unique risks and liabilities. Standard auto or homeowners insurance policies may have limitations. 

Umbrella insurance offers enhanced protection by extending liability coverage beyond the limits of primary policies. This ensures that owners of recreational vehicles are protected against potential accidents, injuries, or property damage, on and off the road or in water.

How Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD Can Help You

At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, we can answer all your questions concerning umbrella insurance coverage. We assist the Hailey, ID area. Contact us today

Can You Get Condo Insurance for a Vacation Condo?

For some people, their condo is their forever home, while for others, it’s a home away from home for only a season or two out of the year. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID, we’ve helped condo owners insure their condos as full-time residences and part-time vacation homes. While the insurance process can be confusing to navigate, it helps to have qualified agents on your side to walk you through every step. If you want to cover your vacation condo, our team is here to answer any of your questions and help you protect your home.

Can You Get Condo Insurance for a Vacation Condo?

Depending on how you use the vacation condo, you will most likely be able to cover it with condo insurance. If you live in the home for part of the year and never rent it out to other tenants, you may need to get vacation home insurance to protect it against damage, theft, and liability. Since vacation condos are often vacant and unattended, they may need higher limits to cover issues like water damage or theft.

If you rent out your vacation condo, you might need another form of insurance to protect you as a homeowner and cover the potential damage and liability of renting out a property. Short-term policies may work better for your needs if you only live in your condominium part of the year. Overall, discussing your condo usage and how much you live in the unit with us is best. This way, we’ll lead you in the right direction for coverage.

For more information on our condo insurance, call Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID today!

Questions to ask before you choose your health insurance

Choosing the right health insurance coverage is one of the most important decisions you make every year. When you choose wrong, you must live with it for a year, which can be a very expensive mistake. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID, we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. As independent insurance agents, we can offer more choices than a single carrier agency. 

Is my doctor in the network?

Every insurance company has a network of contracted healthcare providers to provide services at an agreed-upon rate. Not every doctor is in every network. If you prefer a particular doctor, ensuring they are in the carrier’s network you are considering is essential. 

What is the yearly deductible?

The yearly deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance starts to pay for services. High-deductible health insurance policies have become popular because they are more affordable. If you have an FSA and an HSA, it allows you to put money aside pre-tax to pay for medical expenses. This works well with high deductible policies. But, it is a delicate balance between getting the services you need and being able to afford your policy. 

What type of managed care is it?

There are three main types of managed care; HMO, PPO, and POS. They all have benefits and drawbacks; you need to understand what each one means to your healthcare. HMOs are the most restrictive but also the most affordable. 

You can count on our Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD team in Hailey, ID to be there when you have questions about health insurance coverage. 

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