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5 Reasons You May Need an Umbrella Policy

Most people know they need insurance, but many don’t know about umbrella policies and the benefits they offer. An umbrella policy is an extra layer of liability insurance that goes above and beyond your standard homeowners or car insurance policies. Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID provides this guide in navigating this important coverage.

Here are five reasons you may need an umbrella policy:

1. You Have Assets to Protect

One of the main reasons to purchase an umbrella policy is to protect your assets. If you are sued and found liable for an accident, the damages awarded can quickly eat away at your savings and other assets. An umbrella policy can help provide the financial protection you need in these situations.

2. You Have a Teen Driver

If you have a teenager who is licensed to drive, you may want to consider an umbrella policy. Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in an accident. And if they cause an accident, you could be held liable for the damages.

3. You Are a Dog Owner

If you own a dog, you may be at risk of a lawsuit if your pet injures someone. Dog bites are one of the most common types of personal injury claims, and they can be very expensive to settle. An umbrella policy can help cover the costs of a dog bite claim once the limit of the underlying homeowners’ policy has been reached.

4. You Want Peace of Mind

An umbrella policy can give you peace of mind knowing that you have extra protection in place if you are ever sued. It can provide financial protection for damages that exceed the limits of your other insurance policies.

5. You Participate in High-Risk Activities

If you participate in high-risk activities, you could easily be sued if someone is injured or you damage property. For example, if you are an avid golfer, there is always the possibility that your errant tee shot could damage someone’s car.

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As you have seen, an umbrella policy offers numerous benefits, and Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID would be more than happy to help you find the right policy. Call us today to learn more about umbrella policies and how they can help protect you and your assets.

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