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How to Handle Classic Car Accidents With Insurance

Car accidents can happen at any time. Unfortunately, they can even occur when you are driving your classic car to or from a show. Car shows can be a great place to share the joys of classic cars, but traveling to a car show could result in damage to your vehicle.

Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, which serves the drivers of Hailey, ID, knows all too well how to handle classic car accidents. These are some of the steps you can take to ensure your car is protected.

Get to Know Your Classic Car Insurance Policy

The first thing you should do is something you need to pay attention to before you ever even get into an accident. Read through your policy documents to ensure you know your coverage and what will happen if your car does become damaged.

Get a Police Report

Immediately after an accident occurs, you need to call the police to file a report. When you have a classic car, this is important because you have an asset you want to protect. It is helpful to have a professional’s account of the accident and the damage involved.

Contact Your Auto Insurance Company

Next, you should contact your insurance company so that you can discuss the accident. You can tell your company what happened and what kind of damage your classic car has experienced.

Get Classic Car Insurance Today

If you own a classic car in Hailey, ID, Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD can help you find the right insurance for your needs. Contact our insurance agents today to learn more about your needs as a classic car owner.

Why Basic Auto Insurance Isn’t Always the Best Choice

This is a common scenario. You are shopping for car insurance, and identify coverages that will protect you and your car optimally. But at the point of paying, you only settle for basic car insurance in the name of saving some bucks. But is this wise?

Purchasing basic auto insurance might seem like an excellent idea at first glance but may turn catastrophic when you are involved in a significant incidence. According to Harris Insurance of Jasper, AL, here is why basic car insurance isn’t always a good idea.

Required auto insurance in Alabama

Motorists in Alabama are required to include the below coverages in their auto insurance:

  • Bodily injury liability: This insurance policy protects you when you cause an accident, inflicting bodily harm to third parties. The required minimum amount is $25,000 per accident and a minimum of $50,000 for accidents involving several victims.
  • Property damage liability: It protects you when you are at fault for an accident that causes property damage to third parties. The minimum amount required is $25,000 per accident.

Now, should you settle with a car insurance policy that includes the above coverages, are you safe? Are the coverages sufficient to cover you in all facets of car ownership? The answer is no. At Harris Insurance, we usually advise our clients to increase coverage limits and consider other car insurance coverages.

Why basic car insurance is never enough

If you are settling for basic auto insurance, you need to upgrade because basic car insurance:

  • Has insufficient coverage limits: The insurance limits of "50/25/25" won’t suffice when involved in a severe accident. Uncovered car accident expenses mean that your assets will be at stake.
  • Covers third parties only: Basic car insurance doesn’t cover you and your car. That said, you need to consider comprehensive, collision, PIP, and other optional car insurance covers for optimal protection.

Are you looking to insure your vehicle beyond the minimum? If you are in Jasper, AL and its environs, please contact Harris Insurance for a well-rounded car insurance policy.

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