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A Thorough Overview Of Classic Car Insurance

Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD serve the Hailey, ID community by offering residents multiple insurance coverage types. We sit down with our clients and inform them of their options to make the best decision possible. We have proudly served the community for over 25 years.

Classic Car Insurance Overview

If you own a classic car, it is unquestionably one of your most valuable possessions. It’s a special asset that must be protected. To help your vehicle maintain its classic status, consider the benefits of classic car insurance. While you are researching policies, have your car appraised. Once your car has been inspected and appraised, you will have a clear idea of its true value.

For your car to maintain its classic status, you must use your vehicle on a limited basis. You should only drive your classic car when traveling to special car shows and exhibitions in Hailey, ID. Remember that your policy will likely include a mile limit that you will have to follow to maintain coverage. As you will have your classic car in storage most of the year, you can add coverage so that you’ll be protected if your vehicle suffers damages at the storage facility.

You’ll be covered if you are involved in a collision while you are traveling or if someone vandalizes your vehicle. Liability coverage protects you if you cause damage to someone’s property. You can add emergency road coverage to protect you if your vehicle suffers engine failure while you are on the road. If you plan to renovate your vehicle and add new parts, you’ll have to amend your policy to cover the upgrades if your vehicle suffers damages.

Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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