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Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Owning a home can be a joy, but it can also come with some risks. One of these is that your property could be flooded. Floods can happen for a variety of reasons, and they can cause serious damage to homes and even destroy them. Every house is at risk of a flood, even if your house is not inside a high-risk area, so it’s important for all homeowners to carry flood insurance. Call us at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID.

Peace of Mind

Though floods can do a lot of damage, it’s also uncomfortable to live with the fear that you could have a flood someday and are not prepared for it monetarily. Most home insurance policies exclude certain types of flooding, so you could be left with no means to repair the damage or to rebuild after a flood. It’s vital that you have this insurance to give yourself peace of mind as well as to protect your biggest asset if the worst should happen. Depending on your lender, there may be a requirement that you get this insurance coverage for your home. 

Government-Backed Home Loans

Many mortgages are backed by the government, and all of these mortgages that are for homes in high-risk flood areas require you to have flood insurance. Even if you are not inside the high-risk zone, it’s always a good idea to have this coverage just in case the worst should happen. Floods can happen on a wide range of terrains and in both urban and rural locations. 

Cover Your Home Against Floods

Your house is often your largest investment, so don’t leave it without all of the protection it needs. With a flood insurance policy, you can have the funds you will need to repair your home after a flood or to rebuild it. If you need flood coverage, call us today at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID.

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