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How to handle an auto insurance claim in Idaho

Car accidents happen so fast that you hardly have time to think or find help. Fortunately, an auto insurance policy can help you get back on your feet. Insurance experts at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD advise Hailey, ID drivers to learn how to file a claim to request reimbursement for damage and injuries. Here is what you can do in case you’re involved in an accident.

Call the police

Your mind may not be in the best position to assess what has happened. Calling the police to take down the details is the best way to handle your claim process. Sometimes, the other party may be difficult to deal with, and that’s why an officer may be necessary for ensuring that they cooperate and you don’t get hurt. Officers also ensure ambulances and emergency services are provided in time to handle injuries.

Gather information about the accident

Collect the necessary information, including the other party’s contacts, vehicle registration, time, weather, and location where the accident happened. It is also essential to note down the badge name of the officer who attends to you. Your insurance company will need these details.

Call your insurer

Contact your Hailey, ID insurance company as soon as it is safe to do so. They will record the information you provide and send someone to come and check out. They will also advise you on the next steps, such as towing your vehicle from the road and finding a replacement for you.

Avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your claim.

Finally, avoid mistakes that could cost your insurance claim. We recommend never accepting fault, sharing details of your coverage limits, or receiving money from the other driver. The other party may try to blame you for avoiding paying for damage if they find out your insurance limits are higher.

To learn more about auto insurance claims, feel free to contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, and we will be happy to guide you through.

Why do I need commercial insurance for my Idaho business?

The Sun Valley and Hailey, ID area can be a good place to be if you want to start a business. In this area, people continue to benefit from the good local economy and support for local businesses. If you would like to start a company here, you should also consider getting insurance for it. There are a few reasons why your business will need to have a commercial insurance plan in this area. 

Coverage is Needed to Protect Company

The main reason that you should get a commercial insurance plan for your business is that it is needed to protect your organization. A full commercial insurance plan offers some great protection for small businesses. This includes helping to protect and cover your business assets while also mitigating the risk of liability. Those who have this coverage will value it if there is ever an accident resulting in property damage or a liability claim. 

Coverage Offers Liability Coverage

With a commercial insurance plan, you will also get liability protection. Business owners need to take their liability risks seriously. As this is a risk that could put a business into insolvency, mitigating it with insurance is important. With a full commercial insurance plan, you will get the coverage you need to protect against the risk of being sued for liability. 

When you start a business in the Sun Valley or Hailey, ID area, you will likely need to get a commercial insurance plan. Those that are looking for an insurance plan in this area should call Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD. The team with Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD understands the value that this coverage provides. We can give you the necessary guidance to build a fantastic plan for your business. 

What type of content coverage should you have

Home insurance is something most homeowners have either as a requirement from their lender or by choice. Unfortunately, many homeowners are underinsured. It is estimated two out of three homes are not adequately covered. Most are more than 20% short of what they should have. That is pretty worrisome if you ever have to file a claim. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID, we have been providing coverage in Hailey, Sun Valley, and Bellevue for 31 years. We are locally owned and operated, which allows us to get to know our clients and their needs. 

Home insurance offers many different types of coverage. It protects your assets with liability insurance, it protects your physical structure with property insurance, and it covers your personal possession with content coverage. Content coverage is usually between 50-70% of your home replacement cost. If your home has an insurance replacement value of $100,000, your contents would be $50,000-$70,000 maximum. If you have expensive items, they should be added separately with a rider. 

Contents coverage comes in two options, actual cash value and replacement cost. The type you choose makes a big difference if you ever have to use it. With actual cash value, you will get the depreciated value of the items being replaced. An example is you have a five-year-old TV you paid $500 for. Today it is worth $200, and you will collect the lower amount. A new TV of a similar type now costs $550, and you will be $350 short of the amount you need to replace it. With replacement cost, the insurance company will give you the $550 you need to replace your TV when you actually replace it. 

Contact Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID with any questions you may have about home insurance and your content coverage. 

A Thorough Overview Of Classic Car Insurance

Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD serve the Hailey, ID community by offering residents multiple insurance coverage types. We sit down with our clients and inform them of their options to make the best decision possible. We have proudly served the community for over 25 years.

Classic Car Insurance Overview

If you own a classic car, it is unquestionably one of your most valuable possessions. It’s a special asset that must be protected. To help your vehicle maintain its classic status, consider the benefits of classic car insurance. While you are researching policies, have your car appraised. Once your car has been inspected and appraised, you will have a clear idea of its true value.

For your car to maintain its classic status, you must use your vehicle on a limited basis. You should only drive your classic car when traveling to special car shows and exhibitions in Hailey, ID. Remember that your policy will likely include a mile limit that you will have to follow to maintain coverage. As you will have your classic car in storage most of the year, you can add coverage so that you’ll be protected if your vehicle suffers damages at the storage facility.

You’ll be covered if you are involved in a collision while you are traveling or if someone vandalizes your vehicle. Liability coverage protects you if you cause damage to someone’s property. You can add emergency road coverage to protect you if your vehicle suffers engine failure while you are on the road. If you plan to renovate your vehicle and add new parts, you’ll have to amend your policy to cover the upgrades if your vehicle suffers damages.

Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD Will Help You Protect Your Investment

For more information on classic car insurance, visit our website today!

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

If you’re in the Bellevue or Hailey, ID area, you probably enjoy many recreational options that are local to that area. That could mean having various recreational vehicles, such as quads, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and others. If you have those types of "toys," you’ll want to make sure they’re protected. At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, we can work with you to find the recreational insurance policy that’s right for your needs. Then you can get out and enjoy the local area in all types of weather, knowing you’re safe and protected so you can just have fun.

This kind of insurance is focused on protecting the recreational vehicles you have and reducing your liability risk while you’re using them, as well. You want to take precautions to stay safe, but there’s more to staying safe than just wearing a helmet or a life vest, for example. You also need to be sure that you’re protecting the investment you have in the vehicles you’re using. That comes through things like proper maintenance and good insurance that can cover you in the event of an accident or other type of problem.

Reach out to us at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD today if you’re located in the Bellevue or Hailey, ID area. We can help you get a quality recreational insurance policy, so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors. Insurance like this typically covers liability issues, and you can also add options such as theft and damage. That way you’ll be better protected, and you won’t have to worry as much about just getting out and having fun with your recreational vehicles. They’re there to be used and enjoyed, and you won’t get as much fun from them if you can’t do that freely. Good insurance can help.

What does renters insurance cover

As a renter, you may not have considered what renters insurance can do for you. It can help you survive a hazard that damages or destroys your rental. Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID has been providing service to the area for more than 30 years. Our well trained and professional team will do the hard work of finding the best coverage for our customers. 

Personal possessions

Imagine losing everything you own to a fire or a tornado? It could just be the loss of your laptop to a theft. Having to replace these things out of your own pocket could be very difficult. This coverage will have a deductible, but your insurance will help you replace your lost possessions after that. 

Liability coverage

You may not have ever thought about it, but what would you do if someone sued you. It can happen. It could be the result of an injury that someone gets while visiting your rental. A slip and fall isn’t unusual. It could be your child or pet does damage to someone’s property. Legal actions happen, and if they are against you, it can cost you everything you have. It can even cost your future earnings. Liability insurance helps protect you against this and also the legal cost involved. 

Loss of use

When your rental is devastated by a covered hazard, it may not be habitable. What would you do? You can stay in a hotel for the immediate future, but then you will try to find a temporary rental until you can move back to your home. A renters policy usually covers these costs. 

At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID, we are happy to explain everything that a rental policy can do for you. We will do this on the phone or at our office. Contact us as soon as possible, and let us give you a no-obligation quote.

Things You Should Know About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a specific type of insurance that provides additional coverage on top of other personal insurance, such as auto, homeowners, motorcycle, and watercraft. If you have never had this insurance before and are thinking about getting it, Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, serving Hailey, ID, has prepared the list of things you should know:

What does it cover?

The coverage applies to you and other family members in the same household, including children, spouses, and other relatives in your care. It protects you over and above the limits of your auto, homeowners, or boat/watercraft insurance, as well as personal injury liability, such as false arrest, libel, and some others. Also, umbrella insurance follows you, which means you are protected worldwide. 

Why do I need it? 

Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of security. Plus, it is beneficial for those who are going to add a teen driver to their auto insurance policy. Since most umbrella insurance claims involve auto losses, this specific type of insurance will give you peace of mind when your teenage driver is behind the wheel. 

What is not covered by umbrella insurance?

This type of insurance will not cover damages caused to your personal belongings, intentional or criminal acts, injuries, or damages to the property in certain situations (for example, using uncovered recreational vehicles), other people’s injuries, or damage that your company is liable for. 

The more assets you have, the more critical it is for you to have umbrella insurance to provide you with the necessary protection and peace of mind. Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD, serving clients in Hailey, ID, is a team of professionals who will be glad to assist you and answer all your questions regarding this policy. Do not hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of our experienced insurance agents. 

Why You Should Discuss Flood Insurance Options with an Independent Agent

Flooding can be a serious threat to your home. It can cause significant damage, and without flood insurance, it could cost you big time financially. Depending on where you live, if it is a high-risk flood zone, you may be required to have flood insurance in addition to your typical homeowner’s policy. Flood insurance can be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program, or it can be acquired through independent and private insurers.

At Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID, we are independent agents, and we work hard to make sure you have adequate flood coverage at an affordable price. We deal with several different companies and are always on the lookout for the best pricing and plans.

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

Independent insurance agents can be a great choice when you’re choosing flood insurance for your home because we deal with many companies. If your circumstances change, you don’t have to change your insurance company. If you need to file a claim for flood damage on your home, we can be there for you as an advocate and make sure you get the most out of your situation. Independent insurance agents can get the best values and types of plans from different companies since we work with several different agencies at the same time.

Agents Who Are On Your Side

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD of Hailey, ID. We will be happy to discuss your options and what your needs are so we can match you up with the best flood insurance plans and services we can find. We look forward to seeing you.

Do You Need Condo Insurance in Idaho

If you own a condo in Idaho, you are required to have an insurance policy, referred to as an HO6 policy. This insurance policy covers several things, and you can opt for more coverage if you so choose.

The HO6 insurance requirement was put in place after the most recent housing crisis to replace or repair items that are lost due to a disaster that is not covered under the condo owner’s association master policy. Before creating your policy with your insurance agent, you will want to check with your condo association to determine what their policy covers, so you will know and understand what you will be responsible for covering. This policy also complies with the rules of many lenders and mortgage companies in Idaho to protect their investment in your condominium. It satisfies their need for proof of insurance from you.

You can also obtain additional coverage that is pretty common to ensure your complete peace of mind when it comes to your beautiful condo. You can purchase a policy that covers theft and vandalism to your condo and personal belongings also. If your condo is located in an area that is prone to flooding, you can also add that type of coverage to your condo insurance policy. An umbrella policy can also be added; which will protect you in the event you are sued for injuries sustained by a guest to your condo or if you are accused of slander or libel.

To create and obtain the very best policy for you and your situation, you will want to enlist the assistance of an insurance agent who is experienced with condo insurance. The condo insurance agents at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD in Hailey, ID have the experience and skills needed to create a condo insurance policy for you today!

Health Insurance Coverage in Idaho

You and your family’s health is one of the most aspects of your lives, and having proper health insurance coverage in Idaho is critical to obtaining the medical care you need and deserve. For Hailey, ID residents, Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD agents are looking forward to sitting down and discussing your health insurance requirements for you and your family. Obtaining health insurance coverage is the first step in establishing the financial peace of mind you need in the event of illness, injury, or sickness.

Health Insurance Coverage in Idaho

For your health insurance coverage needs in Hailey, ID, we invite you to discuss your health care situation. Ensuring that you and your family have access to quality healthcare begins with having a healthcare insurance policy at your disposal. Many Americans put off needed medical treatment for fear of the financial costs of such treatment without proper insurance.

It is a well-known fact that people with unfettered access to quality medical care results in patients leading much healthier and active lives. Indeed, health insurance plugs you and your family into a health care network that affords easy access to the health professional in your area without having to bear heavy out-of-pocket costs. You shouldn’t have to decide between paying rent and seeing a doctor when you need one. A health insurance policy affords you that medical access without having to make those hard budgetary decisions.

Call Our Team at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD

If you have questions or concerns regarding your health insurance coverage in Hailey, ID, we welcome you to contact our office to discuss your unique health insurance needs for you and your family. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly licensed agents here at Harrison Insurance and Financials LTD has the answers you need to make an informed decision regarding your health coverage options. Locally owned and operated, Harrison Insurance and Financials works with a myriad of providers to get the best possible policy for you and your family.

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